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Palestinian American Research Center (PARC)

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Palestinian American Research Center (PARC)


2017-18 NEH/FPIRI Fellowship Competition for
Scholars Conducting Field-Based
Humanities Research in Palestine

Full proposals due January 16, 2017
Awards announced March 16, 2017

PARC announces its fifth National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Fellowship Programs at Independent Research Institutions (FPIRI) competition for post-doctoral fellowships for research in Palestine.
Fellowship awards are a minimum of four and a maximum of eight consecutive months. Selected fellows are awarded $4,200 per month of the award.

Full information on these research fellowships is available on the NEH/FPIRI Fellowships page on PARC's website.

2017-18 Fellowship Competition for
U.S. Scholars Conducting Field-Based
Research on Palestine

Full proposals due January 9, 2017
Awards announced March 20, 2017

PARC announces its 18th annual competition for doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships in Palestinian studies.
Fellowship awards from $6,000 - $9,000

Full information on these research fellowships is available on the U.S. Fellowship page on PARC's website.

2017 Faculty Development Seminar
May 17-30, 2017
in Jerusalem and the West Bank

Applications due January 12, 2017
Awards announced March 14, 2017

PARC announces its eighth Faculty Development Seminar (FDS) on Palestine. This two-week seminar is for U.S. faculty members with a demonstrated interest in, but little travel experience to, Palestine.

Full information on these travel fellowships is available on the FDS page on PARC's website.